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What is Marketing?

definitionsI often find that people are a bit nervous about marketing; what it means and whether it is relevant or even helpful to their business.  If done properly marketing will:

  • Attract the right kind of customers to your business
  • Help potential customers to understand why they should be doing business with you
  • Demonstrate the value of the product or service you are offering
  • Enable you to find out how you can improve what you do so you can increase your sales and grow your business. 

What is Strategy?

"a plan of action designed to achieve a long-term or overall aim"  Oxford Dictionaries

This means thinking before you leap. This means spending some time thinking about what you want to do, why you want to do it and the impact it will have on your time and money before you act. There isn't a right or wrong approach to it although it does help if it can be somewhere quiet with minimal distractions and without a deadline looming. Setting aside an hour or so to think about where you want your business to be, what you could improve and how you are going to achieve this will help you to make the most of your precious time, energy and money.

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