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Waste of time and low engagement – why social media activity isn’t delivering sales

Social Media 2Many companies have social media accounts, a large proportion of these are almost just for show. Either they struggle to come up with content to post in the first place or the content they do post receives little to no engagement.

For these companies, the idea of actually getting sales through this marketing channel feels like just a pipe dream. In fact, the whole process just seems like one big chore.

Why is it then that other companies seem to have it nailed?

Why do they find it easy to regularly post content, get plenty of interaction from their thousands of followers and, wonder of wonders, actually get valuable sales leads through it? What’s the big mystery?

The answer to this conundrum lies in 4 distinct issues. Unless all 4 are resolved (in the same order as they are listed below) then those valuable sales leads will continue to remain elusive.

  1. The specific problems your customers have and care about, haven’t been identified.
  2. How your products or services help your customers solve those specific problems, also hasn’t been identified.
  3. The content you post are missing an appropriate / compelling / clear call to action.
  4. There is no consistency with your social media activity.

Luckily there is a simple solution. 

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