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How to use editorial to attract the customers you actually want

EditorialI’d like to introduce you to Susan and David. Susan manages a software business and David has responsibility for a health and wellbeing business.

To save on costs, Susan decided to keep all of their PR activity inhouse. Her team would identify which publications to feature in (online and print), make contact with the publishers and create the content that would ultimately be published.

In contrast, David took the leap of employing a PR agency to manage all of this process for him, allowing his team to focus purely on their current responsibilities.

Fast forward six months later

David is looking to fire the agency because he can’t justify the costs any longer and Susan is about to tell her team to switch their focus away from PR and to try other promotional activities instead.

What went wrong?

In both cases the PR activity failed to attract the right customers for two very good reasons:

  • Neither company could clearly articulate the specific problems faced by their customers and how they actually solved them.
  • As a result, this made it very difficult to come up with a clear and compelling call to action, to end each editorial piece, that actually made the right customers “sit up and take action”!

Luckily there is a simple solution to this common problem. 

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How to turn case study downloads into sales

Downloads into SalesLaura was on her daily commute, reflecting on yesterday’s conversation with her sales team. They’d been reviewing the number of enquiries coming through the website and according to Google Analytics, it was receiving a large number of visitors. The big question was, why weren’t more of these visitors turning into sales enquiries?

As well as the usual testimonials and articles, the company website also had an in-depth case study, with advice and tips for potential customers. This last piece of literature had been live for the past 6 months and was only available to download by those who provided an email address. The stats suggested they’d had over 100 downloads but none of these had resulted in sales.

What are we missing?

As far as Laura was concerned, the case study itself contained more than enough information about how their products benefited a large existing customer, as well as contact details suggesting anyone who was interested should get in touch. “What could we possibly be missing?” thought Laura as she drove into the entrance of the office car park.

Many companies experience issues with trying to turn website visitors into enquiries and ultimately sales. The good news is that there is a solution to this and it starts with checking whether you’ve fallen into one key common trap….

Falling into one key common trap

It’s all very well having a really valuable piece of content for potential customers to download in return for their email address. However, having contact details available on the download itself and relying on them to get in contact with you, dramatically reduces your chances of making a sale.

You need to build in a follow up process. One that maintains contact with your prospects and ensures that when they’re ready to buy, they buy from you.

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