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Why Simon’s adverts weren’t generating the right customers

Let me paint the scenario…. Simon’s current sales strategy was to focus on a couple of key industries. As part of this, he thought it was probably a good idea for his company to feature some adverts in the main publications, for those industries.  

Advertising2After getting his team to do a bit of research, he chose three publications, signing up to a couple of adverts in each. One of the publications had a good deal on a banner, to feature on their news website for a month, so he agreed to do that as well. Simon left his team to create the content and organise a freelance designer to create the artwork.

A couple of months later, Simon was sat with a morning coffee looking at his adverts in the three publications and reflecting on the conversation he’d had with his sales manager the day before. 

No new enquiries as a result of the advertising they had done, not one. Had prospects even seen their advert, had it got lost in amongst the others? As for the banner it had had 5,000 impressions (whatever that meant). 

Simon couldn’t help feeling like he’d missed something. He’d paid out quite a chunk of money and what had he got in return, no leads that’s for sure.

A frustrating situation and a common one experienced by many, however it doesn’t have to be this way. In fact, it is more than possible to use adverts to attract the right customers.  

In most cases, there are three reasons why adverts don’t generate the right customers:

  1. The advert just talks about the company rather than the customers it wants to work with.
  2. The advert makes a big generic statement about how the company helps its customers rather than talking about specific problems.
  3. The advert doesn’t give the customer a good enough reason to carry out the call to action.

If you’ve had a similar experience to Simon with advertising, I would recommend resolving these three issues and you’ll start generating enquiries.

I wish you the best of luck and feel free to share this article with a friend or colleague if you found it helpful. 

Getting the wrong leads through Paid Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Now I’m not knocking using paid SEO, in principle it’s a great idea. Identifying certain keywords relevant to your industry, product and clients and then paying to appear for these search terms so prospects come flocking to your website.

What’s the problem (I hear you say)? Paid SEO

Well, let me ask you this, how much time do your team spend processing these leads? How many of them end up being removed from the list almost straight away because they aren’t even relevant? 

Those worthy of a phone call or face to face meeting, how many end up going nowhere or dragging on for months with endless back and forth conversations and negotiations?

Of those that do turn into clients, how many end up zapping all of the time from your team? Whether that’s due to slow or late payments, unrealistic expectations of timescales or wanting extra thrown in for free.

When you take all of this into account, is paid SEO really worth the leads it generates? 

A common reaction (and on face value, logical reaction) to this would be to say “no” and move on to the next channel or lead generation method. 

The reality is, that if you haven’t got the right messaging geared towards attracting the right customers, you’ll be stuck in a similar position, whichever channel (or lead generation method) you use!

Luckily there is a simple solution.


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