Success Stories

"A huge thank you to Sarah for our session last week. Sarah has a way of helping you see the bones of the business you are creating so that you can see what's working and what needs work. It's like looking at your business from above and seeing it with greater clarity. This means I am now able to take action on the things that are going to make the biggest difference."

Deborah Chalk, Creativity and Writing Coach at Deborah Chalk Ltd

"Thank you so much Sarah for a fantastic session this afternoon. You've really helped me to understand more clearly who our customers are and have given me some very positive steps to start taking control of our marketing strategy – not feeling quite as overwhelmed about marketing!"

Vashti Bedwell,Partner & Co-Founder at Bicester Living

"We have been meaning to do something about this for many years. We are already very busy with our google adwords so are looking forward to seeing the growth [going forward] with a proper marketing plan in place."

Ian Watson, Managing Director at CDT

"Sarah has a real talent for drawing out information without making it feel like hard work. It was a really useful meeting, with lots of light bulb moments. THANK YOU."

Amanda Claesens, acemr

"If I may say so you have been the most helpful/value for money consultant I think we have ever used. You may quote me on that."

Andrew Elder, Director of Marketing & Co-founder of Bongo IT

"Sarah 'gets' my business and me. She very quickly understood what my business is about and what the underlying values and vision are. As a result her advice suited my business perfectly. She's an excellent listener and very easy to talk to, probably because of her positive, open-minded and friendly nature. 

I was amazed at the number of topics we covered during our talk. It was a very dynamic session with lots of ideas flowing back and forth. But at the same time there was also a clear direction and purpose to the conversation. 

I'm convinced that I'll be working with Sarah again in the future and on a regular basis, as she provides such a good and interactive sounding board. I see Sarah as a helpful and strategic partner of my business. "

Bart Schroeven, Cocoon Of Light

"Sarah has been invaluable in getting my business off the ground. She's a fantastic ideas person and is great at drawing out the essence of your business and making it accessible and understandable for your target audience. If you need any help with marketing, she's your woman."

Rachel Windsor-Knott, My Animal Matters

"Over the past three years I have developed a brand and built a strong and reputable business. However, marketing has always been an area that I have worried about: "How do I reach more people?" "How do I validate my business on google?" "Am I doing enough?". The constant self comparison to other businesses is something that can lead to a fogginess in your own unique selling point, and a feeling of self-doubt that you're "not doing it right". 

However, the marketing sessions that I was able to have as a result of the FLOURISH FUND were wonderful! Not only did Sarah give me hints and tips on areas where I could be doing more, she also gave me a much needed nudge of self-confidence. The three sessions with Sarah have been filled with tips, tools and strategies that I will be using a lot more of in the future!"

Emma-Jane Greig, Director of Body Politic

"I have worked with Sarah on three on-going projects over the course of 2015 and found her to be exceptional in her field of marketing. Sarah is one of those people in life you can delegate responsibilities to and be sure the job will be done to a high standard. 

I have outsourced to Sarah, marketing consultation for our business community, event management, and she is currently heading up our marketing section of our community project. In all three areas Sarah has delivered to a high standard. I recommend Sarah, to anyone looking to outsource marketing for their business, or if they simply need someone to help them form a marketing strategy. Sarah is generous, professional, friendly and easy to work with."

Ben Molyneux, Founder and Director of The Oxfordshire Project Ltd

"Sarah not only has great ideas and positive energy, but she is a good listener and really focused on what I was trying to achieve before providing valuable suggestions I hadn't considered. Highly recommend her!"

Tina Wells, Tai Chi Chih Oxford UK

"Going from employed to self-employed was quite a big leap for me and although I have an unfaltering passion for what I do, I felt I didn't have the skills to get my message out nor the understanding of where to target. Sarah was superb at listening to what I wanted to happen and skilled at breaking it down into bite size pieces. I went from feeling overwhelmed and a little lost to empowered and focused. Sarah gave me the confidence to move forward at a pace I was comfortable with and sparked my imagination. I would highly recommend Sarah if you feel your business needs fine-tuning, getting off the ground or just needs a boost."

Rachel Windsor-Knott, My Animal Matters

"Sarah helped me to focus my marketing activities and think about my USP, and also provided some useful suggestions and contacts."

Maggie Newton, Red Clematis Coaching Services Ltd

"Sarah was a pleasure to meet but importantly she helped me with great advice about how to market my latest service. Sarah also sent me a programme detailing all the marketing actions AND a timetable for me to implement. If you need marketing advice I recommend Sarah Crowther."

Fiona McKenzie, Director, Blue Note Solutions

"I had a fantastic session with Sarah looking at my Marketing strategy and what I needed to do to move my fledgling business forward. Up until our meeting I was spending a lot of time getting completely overwhelmed and not really getting anything done. After my session with Sarah, I had a clear list of tasks and priorities which made the whole process much less daunting and more achievable."

Gemma Ferrier, The Music Room Eynsham

"I just want to say a big thanks to Sarah Crowther whom I met up with yesterday for some strategic marketing advice. Taken as one of my membership rewards, the advice Sarah gave me was simple and fits with my business perfectly. I'm already looking forward to our next meeting."

William Mankelow, Shot At An Angle

"Sarah is an energetic, enthusiastic, focused, strategic thinker and project planner with a wealth and depth of knowledge and experience in Marketing."

Wendy Dawson, Chief Executive, The Ley Community


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