The Sacrifice Was Worth It

I'd like to tell you a story about Alice. Alice had a dream. She had always been passionate about cooking and loved cooking for friends Aliceand family, whatever the occasion, but particularly for special occasions, and decided that she'd love to share her gift with a wider audience. So, she decided to set up her very own catering company, it started off pretty well because she was already known amongst friends and family as a good cook. From the very beginning, she managed to get quite a bit of work, through family, friends, their friends, and, gradually got to the point where she was having to turn jobs away because she just didn’t have the capacity.

Over the years, she'd invested in quite a lot of equipment and soon grew out of her kitchen at home, instead moving into premises with plenty of space and all of the facilities she needed.  This was all wonderful, and she really, really enjoyed it, but then she started to get to a point where actually it had all become a bit overwhelming.

She was waking up at 6:00, getting straight on with things at 7:00, and, throughout the day, she was either meeting with potential suppliers to get her ingredients, answering questions from potential customers or dealing with the needs of her existing customers. Not to mention the amount of time that she'd spend thinking up recipes, creating new dishes and making sure that she'd planned effectively to ensure that the food would get to the right customers and venues at the right time.

On top of this, she was the delivery driver, too, so she was responsible for packing everything safely and transporting it to venues, finding a place to park and ensuring that the food was still of a high standard once it was presented to the customer.

Her husband and her children and the friends, hardly got a look in. She could barely remember the last time that she had sat down for a meal with family or had met a friend for a drink. She used to really enjoy going for walks and to fitness classes, but that had to stop because the business had to come first. She appreciated that whilst her business was growing, this was necessary, the sacrifice was worth it.

 After four years she was beginning to think that surely it should be time for the business to get a bit more manageable so that she could actually fit in some family life and alone time. However, this was difficult to envisage because she loved the fact that she was being successful with plenty of clients and finding it all so rewarding.

She had big ambitions for her business, and she’d love her catering business to be well known nationwide however this all felt a bit like a pipe dream now. Whenever she did get a spare moment to breathe, she would search for ideas and inspiration from influential business owners as she found this energising. Sadly, she didn’t ever have time to think about putting any of this into practice.  On top of this, the idea of how on earth she was going to manage the number of clients she'd need, to generate the income, to be able to expand and build a team underneath her, all felt a bit impossible.

She kind of felt in a vicious cycle, not to mention that her husband was starting to complain about never spending more than five minutes with her and the kids were starting to forget her name. Realising that the amount of time she had to spend organising and juggling everything was getting ridiculous, and if she continued the way she was she would never realise the dream of her business being known nationwide, finally Alice decided it was time to get some help.

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