Why prospects from trade show competitions don’t turn into sales

Tradeshow CompetitionsRunning competitions on stands at trade shows typically attracts a large number of people however typically these so called “leads” don’t get converted into sales. This is a problem experienced by many companies, so why does it happen?

Well the short answer is it’s all to do with “purpose”.

Let’s imagine for a second that you wanted to host some kind of social event. A quiet, intimate, dinner with a small mixture of friends, some you’ve known for years and others you’ve only got to know more recently.

To invite them, would you print out hundreds of flyers with the message “free beer” and stand in the middle of a busy city handing them out to everyone that walked past?

No, of course you wouldn’t.

Why? Because the purpose of the evening is to only have your friends there and spend quality time to further build on the meaningful relationships you have with them. The flyer approach will attract random people whose interest was only peaked by the promise of “free beer”.

These people will know nothing about you and have no interest in developing a meaningful relationship with you.

It may seem a silly example but there really isn’t much difference between this and the way many companies run competitions at trade shows.

Having a great prize and a bowl next to it for business cards, is a great way to capture lots of email addresses of people who are only interested in winning a prize (and potentially likely to be price sensitive), if that is what your purpose is.

If your purpose is to attract potential customers, that have a specific problem solved by your products or services, and who would be interested in finding out more, then you need to change your approach.

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