Why the latest “shiny thing” isn’t generating sales from the right customers

Latest shiny thingThe world of marketing is rife with it.

Those responsible for running a company, understandably feel a lot like magpies, as they jump from one shiny marketing strategy to another. All with the aim of finding the best way to reach those desirable customers with deep pockets.

This was certainly was true for Adele, CEO of a medium sized training company. One of her greatest challenges was finding those companies who really wanted to invest in their employees, rather than simply ticking a box with the basic, “legally required” courses.

Company blogs are the answer….

After reading several articles demonstrating positive results from company blogs and not being one to shy away from encouraging her team to try new strategies, Adele thought they should take the plunge. Leaving her team to sort out the details of frequency, content, how to drive traffic to it etc, Adele focused on her next priority.

A month later, Adele asked her team for an update on the blog and it was clear that the team were struggling. Firstly, to come up with ideas for content and then find time to actually write this content up. This meant that posting was ad hoc at best and so far, hadn’t generated much in the way of a response. All in all, she could tell that the team viewed the blog as yet another thing on their to do list, preventing them from focusing on other priorities such as speaking to potential and existing customers.

Scrap that, it must be online advertising….

Having listened to their comments, Adele reassured her team that she had now found a much better alternative. Filled with optimism, she shared with them the case study success stories she’d read of companies generating sales from online adverts. Motivated by her enthusiasm the team immediately began work on the new marketing activity.

OK, so what’s the solution?

There’s nothing wrong with experimenting but this really common approach of moving from one marketing activity to another without understanding why the previous one didn’t work is a recipe for wasted time and effort.

In most cases the lack of responses or (more importantly) sales isn’t as a result of the activity chosen. Instead it is simply down to not knowing and therefore not using the right message that will attract the customers you want.

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